Go web, go! The Amazing Spider-Man swings from PS3 onto the PS Vita

Hey Spidey fans. Bill Chinn, executive producer of Mercenary Technology, announced on PlayStation Blog that The Amazing Spider-Man is coming to the PS Vita. 

A hand-held version of the original Beenox-developed PlayStation 3 title, the game takes place after the events of the movie and has its own original story. Bill Chinn described it as "a virtual playground in your pocket" that "maintains that same spirit of the console edition while adding new energy through Vita's special features."

Web Rush is a feature that slows down time so you can pull off some cool combat and action moves on-the-fly. With the Vita, you use the touchscreen for quick and precise decisions just by tapping your finger. Pinch-and-zoom makes navigation around the mini-map easy, and you can set waypoints and track yourself like using a real smartphone's map.

Last year, we gave the console version of The Amazing Spider-Man an 8.5/10. 

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