Go behind-the-scenes of Mass Effect 4

Weren't we not supposed to call it Mass Effect 4?

Ken Thain, Cinematic Director at BioWare, has taken to Twitter to tease a behind the screen look at a scene from the next game in the Mass Effect series. Thain didn't offer much of a description, other than it was a "very cool scene" and included a photo from motion-capture footage.

The image doesn't real too much, unfortunately. There are two motion-capture actors standing with their arms spread, holding what looks to be motion-capture related devices in their hands.

Here's the Tweet from Thain along with the image:

You can get a look at a blown up image here.

What do you think is going on in this scene? Is it a romance scene? Are they acting out some sort of hover move, or are they attempting to gain balance during an Earthquake? The speculation never ends!