Giant dancing Japanese robot women in bras will be the end of us

This is just horrifying. I don't… what?! What am I looking at?!


According to The Chive, which I am a daily visitor of, The Robot Restaurant in Toyko, Japan offers a "unique brand of entertainment to their visitors." In other words, there's giant female torsos with robot legs that are operated by girls in bikinis. They dance on tables and act sexy — well, as sexy as a giant dancing female robot can be.

dancing female robot

What the f*ck Japan? Why do you continue to creep out the rest of the world? I wouldn't be surprised if one of you turned this into a toilet in the next couple of months. Your country will be the end of all of us…

japanese robot female

Great… this is what it looks like when it's coming for us. This is the stuff that haunts my nightmares. Goodbye sweet world…

You can view the rest of the pictures at The Chive (which they found at GG human race. The countdown to the end of the world continues, but until then, you can watch these freaky robots dance in the video below.

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