Ghostbusters Honest Trailer really hits the nail on the head

We all saw this coming

Honest Trailers are known for their well, honesty, and the most recent one for the 2016 "Ghostbusters" reboot is no different.

RIght off the bat it starts with a "trigger warning" and the narrator asking "Are we sure we want to do this?" The movie, for all intents and purposes, was horrificly bad. It couldn't decide what movie it wanted to be, which character would resemble which of the original cast and needed to desperately to include cameos of several original characters to stay afloat.

Even though the film caught a lot of heat prior to release, to be honest it deserved. Nothing will sink a film faster than rebooting it for political reasons with a terrible lack of substance. If you haven't seen it, and can stomach more than 25 minutes, good for you. If not, all you need to do is watch the trailer above and it breaks it all down for you in about five minutes. Enjoy!

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