Ghost Recon Online enters worldwide open beta today

If you've been keeping up with Gamescom news, you might have heard about Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Online. Starting today, players can make an account and log on the game as the worldwide Open Beta officially started.

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online is the next generation of PC multiplayer shooters. Step into the boots of an elite Ghost and deploy cutting-edge weapons and technology as you link up with your Ghost squad to dominate your enemies on tomorrow’s battlefield. As a Free to Play game, you will be able to download and experience core content without paying a single cent. Read on to find out more.

Players will be able to play as various classes; Assault, Specialist or Recon, each having unique offensive and defensive strategies. Ghost Recon Online favors tactics and strategy over run and gun, and makes teamwork absolutely essential. A total of up to 16 players can duke it out online. The game also offers a high amount of gear customization, to fit every persons playstyle.

You can head on over to the official site and register for your account and start playing today!