Ghost of Tsushima gets 18-minute gameplay deep dive

Ghost of Tsushima has been in development for many years now but it’s finally mere weeks away. We have been getting glimpses of the game for quite some time but Sony has finally given us a juicy deep dive into the stealth-action samurai title.

First and foremost, the game has a super minimalist approach. The HUD is simple and at times, non-existent, to really sink you into the Japanese island of Tsushima. There are no waypoints in the game, instead, you’ll be guided by natural elements such as gusts of wind and animals like foxes. Sucker Punch Productions really wants you to see the world as it is and explore it rather than be walking on pre-determined paths or rushing towards markers.

Ghost of Tsushima also features what looks to be some of the best swordplay in a game in years. Every swift stroke of your blade is meaningful. There aren’t any arbitrary health bars to knock down, your blade will effectively damage your opponent as you’d expect if you slice and diced them. Combat is deadly and efficient, simply put.

Sucker Punch has also added an incredibly in-depth photo mode and video editor. The studio showcased some small short films in their 18-minute breakdown of the game, allowing you to create your own classic samurai movie.

Ghost of Tsushima looks to be pretty damn good on all-fronts, it should make for a solid one-two combo from Sony this summer following The Last of Us Part II.

Ghost of Tsushima releases July 17th exclusively on PlayStation 4.