Getting technical with tentative tech trees in Total War: Rome 2

No matter if you’re passing around swords or olive branches, Total War: Rome II has a tech tree for your play style. What I find absolutely amazing about these tech trees is that each faction has their own unique paths. What Creative Assembly, the fact that each faction has different units and tactics wasn’t enough!? We need unique tech trees!? Yes, yes we do.

Basically there are two tech paths, Military and Civil. Once you research one of these trees it opens up three more paths per tree, each with two more paths – yea that’s twelve paths in all. You can also mix and match as you go, this isn’t an all militaristic Sparta now is it? It could be, especially if you get the Greek City State pack for preordering.

Rome II comes out September 3rd, if you’re a Total War fan you are absolutely going to want this game. Check out the picture below and go HERE to see the full picture.

Romw II Tech Trees