Get Your Ms. Splosion Man Achievements Here

The achievement list for Ms. Splosion Man has been revealed via For those who played the first game, the selection shouldn’t be terribly surprising. The big difference is that the new game won’t be the same epic quest for cake–this time it’s shoes … yep.

The new game isn’t shying away from the “Ms” moniker. Between the search for shoes, “Credit Card Is Maxed” achievement, and “2 Girls 1 Controller” mode, I’m not sure if I should laugh or be offended. Knowing Twisted Pixel, the tongue-in-cheek sense of humor should give them a free pass.

The full list of achievements can be seen below. Highlights include the return of the extra-punishing hardcore mode, the Comic Jumper reference, and the addition of unlockable items. The new game will even let players download ghosts of the best leaderboard times. Sounds fun!

Hell Hath No Fury – 5G – Destroy 10 pieces of scenery.
What Did You Do, Ray? – 5G – Download and play against a Ghost from a Leaderboard entry.
To the Conservatory! – 15G – Find a secret exit.
You’ll Believe a Ms. Can Fly – 10G – Complete Single Player level 3-14 without touching the ground.
Helped a Lady Across the Street – 10G – Complete Multiplayer level 2-14 without one of the players ‘sploding.
Sore Thumbs, Inflated Ego – 20G – Complete all of the Single Player levels.
Score One for Team Awesome – 20G – Complete all of the Multiplayer levels.
Best of the Best – 30G – Complete all of the Single Player levels in Hardcore Mode.
The Golden Left Shoe Award – 25G – Collect all 47 pairs of shoes in Single Player mode.
The Golden Right Shoe Award – 25G – Collect all 50 pairs of shoes in Multiplayer mode.
Credit Card Is Maxed – 20G – Buy all of the unlockables.
Found Star Road – 15G – Find Star Road.