Get Paid to play Elf Online Close Beta

December 13, 2007

Get Paid to play Elf Online Close
Beta Elf Online

Close Beta is progressing smoothly,
tons of positive suggestions are sent to us. To express our gratitude to our
close beta tests. Elf Online decided to pay them for their test. There will be
GM in game and give "salary" to the players who could meet the requirement.

Rules: Players will get Elf Online
item mall points as their "salary" when they reach certain level in game.

  • Level 10: 1000 Gold Bullions

  • Level 20: 3000 Gold Bullions

  • Level 30: 5000 Gold Bullions

  • Level 40: 9000 Gold Bullions

  • Level 50: 15000 Gold Bullions

How to get paid: EST 12:00 AM to
01:00 PM and EST 08:00 PM to 10:00 PM eryday since Dec. 11th, Elf GM will be
waitting at guide (1192, 1156) in West Wulong Village and send out the salary.
Testers may talk with our GM and provide their test accounts such as (ELF00000)
to get their salary. For each level, each players could only apply "salary" once
in a day.

Usage Of Salary Players could
purchase items from Elf Online item mall in game using their "salary". Press
Alt+A to open the Elf Online item mall and choose whatever you like.

If you had any questions on Elf
Online Salary Payment Event, please mail to
[email protected]  More
informations about Elf Online
salary event, please click

Join Elf Online close beta, generous
gifts are waiting for you.