Get Infamous for $10

If you’re looking to catch up on the Infamous series before the sequel arrives, Best Buy has your back. Rather than bump up the price amongst the sequel buzz, they’ve done you a solid. The Greatest Hits version of the game can be had for a mere $9.99.

The only trick now will be tracking down a copy. Mileage may vary from store to store, unfortunately. There isn’t a single copy in my town according to their website, but if you poke around you may get lucky.

When Infamous came out, it was part of a triple threat of open-world games. Red Faction: Guerilla and Prototype both competed with the PS3 exclusive to be the best summer time waster. Many would argue Infamous won that battle.

For myself, I grabbed the other two games. While I enjoyed both of them greatly, there’s been an Infamous-sized hole in my heart ever since. With the sequel around the corner, now might be the time to fix that.

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