Get Hitched in Luminary: Rise of the GoonZu

June 17, 2009

Get Hitched in Luminary: Rise of
the GoonZu

Marry for Love or Power with new
Wedding System

NDOORS Interactive today announced
the debut of a new social feature in their acclaimed MMORPG Luminary: Rise of
the GoonZu. Starting today, players will have the ability to get married in the
game. The new wedding system will allow two willing parties to tie the virtual
knot and have their union officially recognized in-game. A marriage in Luminary
will bestow benefits upon the couple, as some will marry for love and others
will marry for political alliances.

In order to wed in Luminary, players
can simply travel to the church west of Trania, where at least one party has to
make their marriage proposal. Both boy and girl characters must obtain a
Marriage License and be unmarried for the proposal to be executed. Once these
conditions are met, the two parties will agree on a date and time for their

On the day of their wedding, the
newlyweds will be teleported inside of the church where the ceremony will be
carried out by the Wedding NPC. The bride and groom will receive a temporary
gown and tuxedo, with a Flower Crown for the bride. Several questions will be
asked of the couple by the Wedding NPC, and the bride and groom may answer
freely. While the wedding ceremony takes place, news of the nuptials will be
scrolled across the bottom of the game.

The wedding is just the beginning of
married life and it will take effort from the bride and groom to maintain a
happy union. Purchasing a Pink Rose from Clara will award the married couple
with Affection Points, which in turn will bestow an added bonus to status
effects. After a couple has been successfully married for 1 year (12 days
game-time), they can celebrate their anniversary and the couple will receive a

Luminary is a free-to-play MMORPG
that incorporates real-world politics and economics. Players are citizens of the
Luminary world who not only battle monsters, but engage in the production of new
goods, trade commodities, stocks, and real estate, and even hire NPCs.
Additionally, a player can advance to the pinnacle of success, the GoonZu, by
being elected by his gaming peers.

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