Get Dead Space 1 and 2 on PC for Cheap

EA is offering the PC versions of Dead Space and Dead Space 2 on sale this weekend. The original game can be purchased for $11.99 and the sequel for a reasonable $23.99. That’s two of the best games of this generation for $36 total.

Why have a sale like this now? It seems everyone is in the spirit of spring with their sales, but the underlying reason may be more sinister. Dead Space did have its “Your Mom Hates Dead Space” ad campaign, so what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than with the worst gift of all time?

I probably wouldn’t give my mom Dead Space, but I would buy it for myself. The PC version of the original game has a few issues with mouse controls, but I haven’t heard any complaints about the sequel. If you haven’t played it, I seriously recommend doing so–it’s right beside Portal 2 as one of the best games to come out this year so far.

The deal is available on EA’s store until Sunday, so take advantage before it’s too late. Oh, and go visit your mother. She may hate Dead Space, but she’ll hate you even more if you ignore her to kill some necromorphs.

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