Get your drink on with these limited edition World of Warcraft cups

Angry Birds is still the most egregious offender of the "what else can we put these character on?" school of branding (answer: everything), but that doesn't mean that other companies don't suffer from this thinking as well. For instance, these "limited edition cups," a concept so silly I can't even type this sentence without laughing.


Maybe I just don't get it, but I feel like the whole "Limited Edition" thing is best used on high-profile items, like cool video games with lots of bonuses, or a small run of exclusive Nike sneakers. Cups are what I drink soda out of. 

Anyhow, there's no release date for these EXCLUSIVE CUPS just yet, though they will be available at ampm stores nationwide, letting you enjoy a tall frosty beverage while gazing with adoration at attractive pictures of Arthas, Kil'jaedan, Illidan, and Deathwing. In the meantime I guess I'll have to make due with the limited edition Batman Forever mug I got back in the 5th grade. A true collector's item to be sure.