General Consensus: Install Skyrim 1.2 On PC At Your Own Risk

Many users are saying The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is worse off now since the release of update 1.2.  With the PlayStation 3 patch releasing earlier this week and the Xbox 360 rolling out last night, it is now the PC's turn at the patch.

But after complaints of broken magic resistance on both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version of the game, broken PC controls, game crashes, and even more glitches than before, many are beginning to wonder if they should run the risk of updating their PC version on Steam.

The general consensus seems to be to update Skyrim to 1.2 at your own risk.

With a topic like "is 1.2 safe to update" springing up on the official Skyrim forums, fans are reporting mixed reactions as a result of the 1.2 update.  Some report that the game has no become unplayable for them on PC.

"NO just stay away from the 1.2 patch! Steam updated it automatically and now I can`t uninstall it, the game is unplayable for me after 1.2 patch! It even makes the bugs worse. The elemental resistances are gone as well with 1.2 patch." -Archi80.

"It broke my game as well, I can't even click play now no matter what I do even though I played it yesterday arvo, and quests are STILL buggy" – Samboz

Other users are reporting no problems though.

"I've had no problems thus far. Killed a Dragon, was a great fight." – Celtichugs.

"Played for an hour after the patch, noticed nothing different." – Daggerfallftw

The fact is the update is going to react differently with each individual PC setup and different mods installed.  No two people's gaming habits are the exact same, so there is no way to determine how the patch will run on your PC.  There is no real way to predict if it will work on your PC based on it working or messing up on someone elses.  You'll never get a 100% sure answer.  So the only real answer to your dilemma: Update at your own risk.

Have you encountered any problems since Skyrim patch 1.2?