Gears of War 3 Beta Comes with Exclusive Unlocks

The Gears of War 3 beta has been highly anticipated, and now those who get in on the action will be rewarded with exclusive content to brag about when the full game drops in September. Cole Train and a Golden Retro Lancer can be yours following the completion of a couple simple tasks.

Cole Train becomes available in the beta after playing 70 matches. This is better than the regular Cole variety: It’s the Thrashball-playing, pad-wearing version. Complete an additional 13 matches with him as your character and he’ll be yours in the full game, too. To acquire the Golden Retro Lancer, you’ll need to amass 90 played matches to unlock it, then tally up 100 kills with the weapon before it transfers over to the full game. Plus, as a token for participating, everyone will receive a “beta tester” title.

Epic Games also revealed the box art for Gears of War 3, shown below:

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