Gears of War feature film in development at Universal Studios

Hopefully this one releases.

In 2005, Peter Jackson signed on to help produce a live action Halo film directed by Neill Blomkamp, director of District 9 and Chappie. The film was highly anticipated by many and went through many different stages of development but never came to fruition after a troubled development. Blomkamp moved on and said he probably wouldn't come back to the project and the movie has been put on the shelf, and all fans have hoped for is maybe someone will do the highly popular sci-fi series justice by putting it on the silver screen.

Microsoft have decided to try again by giving their second biggest IP to another film studio! Universal Studios will be helming the production of a live action Gears of War film but all other details surrounding the film including, the director, cast, plot, and release date are scarce. The news was revealed during the launch stream for Gears of War 4 which launches this Friday for people who purchased the Ultimate Edition and Tuesday for everyone else.

Video game films have a pretty bad track record so it'll be interesting to see if this ever releases. Most big franchises get some sort of film announced but after the initial announcement, that's the last we hear of it. Sometimes there are times where the film actually does release but usally they are poorly executed and hated by many. Sony greenlit an Uncharted film many years ago and after hearing many different things over the last few years, it appears it has gone on hiatus.

The next video game film set to release is Assassin's Creed! The film has also had a pretty lenghty development but it's finally releasing this December. Only time will tell if it ends up being a failure or a success.

We will keep you updated on the production of the Gears of War film as we learn more.