Gears of War 3 lead designer founds BitMonster

Lee Perry, level and gameplay designer for the Gears of War series, has started a new studio with other former members of Epic Games.

BitMonster Games has already announced its first title, an RPG-adventure game for iOS called Lili that's set on a mysterious island and uses "non-combat" to deal with enemies. See the trailer below.

The nascent company is licensing Epic's technology to develop the game.

"Epic has been extremely supportive of our new studio and in helping us build the game of our dreams," said Perry, president of BitMonster. "We set out to create an adventure that is appropriate for nearly anyone. As a designer, it's exciting to see that the Unreal Engine 3 tools are better than ever, and they provide everything we need to achieve a gratifying and imaginative experience."

Lili is in the final stages of production.

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