Gears of War 3 “Fenix Rising” DLC released

The Gears of War 3 “Fenix Rising” Map Pack was released today.  This is the third official add-on to Gears of War 3 since the release in 2011.  “Fenix Rising” includes five new multiplayer maps, four character skins, and new experience system to unlock exclusive emblems and weapon skins.

Now when player attain level 100, they have the option to “Re-up” which starts the leveling experience all over again.  This resets your experience and rank but all other progression will remain intact.  This includes your TrueSkill rating.  Players can Re-up a total of three times each time getting a new color: red, green, and gold.  Each re-up unlocks exclusive custom weapon skins.  This system seems similar to the “prestige” in the Call of Duty games.

The maps for multiplayer, Horde Mode, and Beast Mode:

  • Academy
  • Anvil
  • Depths
  • Escalation
  • The Slab

Character skins include:

  • Recruit Clayton
  • Thrashball Cole – Limited Edition
  • Savage Marauder
  • Savage Kantus – Limited Edition

This down-loadable content can be bought for 800 Microsoft Points.  If you previously bought the season pass, this pack is included.  The season pass can still be bought for 2400 Microsoft Points and you receive this pack, the two previous packs, and the one future pack left.  This is a 33% discount if you plan on buying all four DLCs. 

Happy grub hunting.