Gears of War 3 Celebrates Halloween with a BoomSnipe

Getting geared up for Halloween? Not "Geared' up enough! Starting today and going on until Tuesday, Epic is starting an event for Gears of War 3 called 'Epictober'. This event will include some "Halloween surprises" and a BoomSnipes playlist for Team Deathmatch.

The Deathmatch loadouts will consist of a Boomshot and a Longshot, two devastating weapons. A Boomshot is a high powered grenade launches with explosive effects, while the Longshot is a high damage output sniper rifle, which is known to instantly kill its prey, or leave them critically damaged.

The surprise that Epic has planned will be cosmetic and will take place starting Monday, October 31st at 9AM EST and will run for 24 hours.

As soon as Epictober ends however, your Gears of War festivities don't have to however, as the Horde Command Pack DLC launches that day for 800 MSP, or you can get it for free assuming you bought the Season Pass.