Gearbox reveals Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, will allow you to play as Duke Nukem

Bulletstorm is back!

Last week we reported that Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, was teasing a brand new game that was thought to be a new Duke Nukem game. Tonight at The Game Awards, we finally learned what it was.

We were wrong! There's no new Duke Nukem, but it is something somewhat close. Bulletstorm is returning on Xbox One and PS4 in a remastered edition which may lead into a sequel if this performs well. The shooter is seen as a mix of Gears of War and FPS games like Duke Nukem. It's bloody, goofy, and incredibly fun. Players who pre-order will get to play the entire campaign as Duke Nukem if they choose to, which is fully voiced by St. John himself.

Players use everything at their disposal including their gun, the environment, and a special glove to chain together crazy kills that give you style points. Bulletstorm Remastered will release April 7th, 2017. You can view a trailer below.