Gear’s Clayton Carmine as Mortal Kombat DLC?

In an interview with Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski, during the Video Game Awards, he talks about his childhood love for the Mortal Kombat series.  This love transformed into rumors about a Gears of War character being a playable character in Mortal Kombat.

Unfortunately, this couldn’t get finalized before the newest Mortal Kombat shipped so no Gears character was present in the 2011 vanilla version Mortal Kombat; this lead to emails back and forth about putting a Gears character in as downloadable content.  Bleszinski commented about these emails, “honestly we just haven’t picked up that email chain.”

So… we don’t know where the companies stand on making this happen.  We know it has been talked about, both sides are willing, and that it is currently in stasis.  Mortal Kombat has already released characters though DLC, so additional characters are VERY possible.  Perhaps they are just waiting for Gears 3 to be out longer before making this move.  Perhaps it will never happen. 

While Gears is Xbox 360 exclusive, and Mortal Kombat isn’t, this wouldn’t be the first time exclusive DLC characters have been released for fighting games.  The Star Wars influence in SoulCalibur IV comes to mind; even though Yoda and Vader were downloadable cross platforms eventually.

Cliff Bleszinski did, however, saw which Gears character he would choose to fight in Mortal Kombat if he had the choice.  He said, captured by GamerLive.TV,  he’d like to see Clayton Carmine in Mortal Kombat.  The huge bulging muscles combines with the squeaky voice of the eldest Carmine brother would make it for him.  When asked about Clayton’s fatalities, Bleszinski stated, “We have executions so they translate naturally.”  He continues to say that these fatalities could include the classic curb stomp and punching his opponent in the face until their head explodes.  Sounds quite fitting if you ask me.   Here’s to hoping.