Gateway To Provide One Hundred Computers For The Frag 4


CPL Press Releases has issued the following press

Gateway will provide one hundred computers for the FRAG 4 CPL Event.

The Cyberathlete Professional League ( released today the details
of the one hundred Gateway computers that will be used at the FRAG 4 tournament,
to take place September 28 through October 1, 2000 in Dallas, Texas. GatewayTM
Performance 933 Deluxe Processor – Intel Pentium III 933Mhz Video – 64MB
NVIDIATM GeForce2 GTS Hard Drive – 30GB 7200RPM Ultra ATA100 Memory – 128MB
133MHz SDRAM Sound System – SoundBlaster Live Network Adapter – 3COM 10/100
Ethernet Monitor – EV910 19" Color Monitor Keyboard – Multi-function
Keyboard (optional) Mouse – MS IntelliPoint Mouse (optional) Operating System –
Microsoft® Windows 98 SE CD-ROM / DVD – 16X/40X DVD-ROM Drive Gateway (,
a Fortune 250 company founded in 1985, focuses on building lifelong
relationships with consumers and businesses through complete technology
personalization. Gateway ranked number one in U.S. consumer PC revenue in 1999
and was rated among the top ten best corporate reputations in America according
to a survey conducted in August of 1999 by Harris Interactive and the Reputation
Institute and published in The Wall Street Journal. Gateway had total global
revenue of $8.65 billion in 1999 and shipped 4.68 million systems. Gateway has
been a premier sponsor of the Cyberathlete Professional League since August 23,