GarageGames Invades GDC with Indie Gaming

GarageGames Invades GDC with
Indie Gaming

New games being released and current games being honored.

March 10, 2005 – San Francisco – GarageGames announced today at Game Developers
Conference a lineup of exciting new games being showcased in the garage. DH:
Lore Invasion, an intense mecha-combat game, scheduled to be released March 18.
TubeTwist, an addictive puzzle adventure, now in its final stages. Zap!, the
award-winning 2D multiplayer action game has been released showcasing the Torque
Network Library. Marble Blast Gold can now be seen on almost every game platform
including Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, Playstation 2 and more. Three current games
in the garage are up for the IGF Game of the Year Award. Finally, GarageGames
has partnered with eFlyte to bring 3D gaming into the air.

DH: Lore Invasion puts a player in control of a giant mechanized assault vehicle
(MAV). Players will choose either to fight for the Federated States or the
Eastern Confederation with battles being played out within a persistent back-end
universe where every single battle and kill dictates the direction of the game.
DH: Lore Invasion will be available for purchase and download through

TubeTwist: As an assistant of a brilliant professor whose experiments have
unlocked the secrets of time travel, you journey through five exotic eras while
trying to solve over 75 different puzzles. TubeTwist challenges players to guide
the mysterious macrotron particles through the maze of spirals, switches,
anti-gravity devices, twisty turns, and precipitous drops to release the needed
energy to find the missing professor. TubeTwist will be available through
GarageGames Spring of ’05.

Zap! is a fast-paced multi-player action game with "old-school" 2D vector
graphics. The game features the strength of the Torque Network Library to
provide a lag-free action-packed gaming experience. Zap! has won the praise of
critics and fans alike; winning awards such as Best Overall Game and Best
Multiplayer game at the 2004 IndieGamesCon.

Marble Blast Gold has become quite the world traveler and now appears on almost
every major gaming platform. This game features over 100 whimsical and
challenging levels with crazy power-ups and tricky hazards. Marble Blast Gold
has continued to receive numerous amounts of praise. It is now a featured game
on every new Mac and Linspire computer, on the Xbox Live Arcade and through a
partnership with TransGaming Technologies, now running in prototype on the
Playstation 2, as well as on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

The Independent Games Festival (IGF) is honoring three games published by
GarageGames. Dark Horizons: Lore Invasion and Rocketbowl, both built on the
Torque Game Development Platform, as well as Gish, a side-scrolling physics
based adventure are up for the Game of the Year Award. GarageGames is pleased to
feature these and other award winning games in the garage at

GarageGames is dedicated to reinventing gaming… indie style. Every year in
October, game developers from around the world gather in Oregon at IndieGamesCon.
Sponsored by GarageGames, this summit-like meeting provides independent
developers the opportunity to share. This year, IndieGamesCon will take place
October 7-9th and will feature special events like the IndieJam Party, Saturday
Night Live LAN Party, keynotes from industry veterans and much more. Visit to find out more information about these games and events.

GarageGames is excited to announce their partnership with eflyte Entertainment
in bringing the games out the garage and into the air. eflyte will begin to roll
out GarageGames titles on next generation hardware on many international flights
though its network of airline partnerships.

About GarageGames:
GarageGames mission is to change the way games are made and played. GarageGames
provides the technology, community and market to empower game makers to build
commercial quality multiplatform games. Known for bringing the Torque Game
Engine to independent developers for $100, GarageGames is located in Eugene,
Oregon and on the web at
.  GarageGames is the presenter of the annual

About IndieGamesCon:
IndieGamesCon (IGC) is a fun, informal and informative gathering of independent
game developers from around the world. IGC is designed to be a summit meeting of
like-minded developers with the shared goal to focus on collaboration and
building community. This is an unprecedented opportunity to meet other Indie
developers, professional guest developers and hardware manufacturers, as well as
the GarageGames staff. IGC’05 takes place October 7-9th in Eugene, Oregon.

About eFlyte:
Founded in 1999, eFlyte is the premier producer of leading edge passenger
entertainment software for the airline industry, currently in service on over 25
airlines. With continuing expansion of the casual games portfolio, eFlyte
continues to push the envelope and deliver a wide range of world class
entertainment and revenue generation products for the airline industry.

About TransGaming Technologies:
TransGaming Technologies is a global leader in the development of software
portability products that allow game developers and publishers to develop games
for one system and deploy them across multiple platforms – faster, cheaper and
better than anyone else. The platforms supported range from Linux, Mac to Xbox,
PlayStation 2, and next generation devices. TransGaming Technologies is a
registered Microsoft Xbox developer and a licensed Sony PlayStation 2 developer.
TransGaming has a research and development center in Ottawa, Canada, with
business, strategy and operational activities conducted at the Toronto, Canada
office. More information about the company can be obtained at