GameZone’s Mysterious Flash Drive and Cipher

April 5, 2010

Mysterious Flash Drive and Cipher

Solve this gaming mystery

GameZone received a mysterious USB thumbdrive from Maryland, containing two
things. First was a text file, which contained six words that spell out the word
"cipher" when using the first letter of each word:













The second item was a sound file, which has mostly strange sound effects and
static, with snippets of someone talking, and also someone spelling out
different letters. The only publisher from Maryland that comes to our thoughts
with these cryptic messages is Bethesda. With no return address, it’s time to
reach out to our community to see if you can figure out this madness.

We are asking for your assistance in our attempts to figure out these strange
clues. Could it possibly be a clue to a previously unannounced game, or is it
Bethesda giving us hints about Brink or the new Fallout game? With E3 just
around the corner, your guess is as good as ours.