GameZone Previews GarageGames’ Instant Action Service

August 31, 2008

GameZone Previews GarageGames’
Instant Action Service

GameZone takes a look at
GarageGames new web-based game portal.

The Web-based gaming market has long
been a very casual one, laden with Bejeweled knock-offs and board games, but not
a offering a lot for most core gamers. However, GarageGames is looking to change
all of that with their gaming portal, Instant Action. A community site where
gamers can play and purchase games online, Instant Action is composed of a
variety of online titles that you won’t find anywhere else. Graphically the
games are a step above what you’d typically expect from a web game, as they
benefit from GarageGames’ proprietary Torque engine, which is capable of great

When you purchase a game on Instant
Action, it will store it locally on your hard drive, but still run in a web
browser window (you go full-screen as well). If you haven’t purchased a game,
you’ll still be able to play for a few sessions to see if you like it before you
purchase. Additionally, should do decide after starting that you don’t want to
play the game, you have thirty seconds to back out and not be charged for it.

While there aren’t a lot of games on
Instant Action quite yet, what they have is a pretty varied and diverse mix of
titles spanning several different genres. There are arcade action titles like
Marble Blast Online and Rockkitball, as well as action strategy games like
Galicon and first-person shooters like Fallen Empire: Legions.

While you can log-in and play games
and leave it at that, a big part of the service is the community element. You
can have friends and set up a profile with a picture. At the moment, the profile
customizations are still a work in progress, but GarageGames is planning on
fleshing them out with a lot of features.

Online multiplayer is a big part of
Instant Action, and the game does a fine job of letting you choose from a
variety of matches for each game. You’ll be able to filter out matches, choosing
to play games with only friends and so on.

Instant Action is currently in open
beta form, and anyone can create an account by visiting