GameZone Reveals New User Review Program

Ever wanted to be a game reviewer? Well, now’s your chance. GameZone is proud to announce a new program that will allow you, our users, to tell everyone your opinions on your favorite (or least favorite) games through user reviews. Oh yeah, and there are prizes on the line.

Every Friday we’ll read through your submissions, awarding the best written reviews with assorted swag (t-shirts, games, hats, etc.). There are a few guidelines that you’ll want to stick to:

1 – Review must be more than 200 words long.
2 – Review must have a score between 0-10 (.5’s are allowed)
3 – Title of each thread must contain the game in question that is being reviewed.
4 – Users can turn in as many submissions as they’d like per week.

The top three submissions for the week will also be featured on GZ’s frontpage; so put on your writing cap and step up to show us what you’re made of. This week’s prize is a copy of Transformers: War for Cybertron on PC.

For more information, check out the forum post here.