GameZone PSA: August’s first wave of Games with Gold is now available

Get downloading right now!

After being announced last week, Xbox Live's Games with Gold for the month of August got underway today with the first two games, Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Xbox One) and Spelunky (Xbox 360).  Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate is (technically) the third iteration of the game after previously releasing on last gen consoles and Wii U and we loved it when we reviewed it back in September of 2014, giving the game a total score of 9/10.

Spelunky is one of the more popular indie platformers to come out in the last 5 years as it has garnered widespread positive reviews and has been ported to seemingly everything you can possibly play games on. When we reviewed it back in July of 2012, we gave the game an 8/10 noting, "with its various rooms and infinite replayability with the “never the same level twice” approach, Spelunky definitely sits in a league by itself."

WWE 2K16 will be free to download later this month on August 16th exclusively for Xbox One players while both Xbox One and Xbox 360 players can grab the cult classic Beyond Good and Evil HD the same day. It's a good month to be an Xbox gamer.

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