GameStop Launching Streaming Game Service

After acquiring Spawn Labs earlier this year, we knew GameStop was up to something. The industry giant has finally shed some light on said project; an OnLive-type streaming game service.

GameStop President Tony Bartel told explained that the service is currently in the beta testing stage. He also added that it plans to use Spawn Labs’ technology to stream content to PCs, consoles, and perhaps even web-enabled TVs better than other digital services like OnLive and Gaikai.

The service, set to launch sometime in 2012, will be available in-stores to allow consumers to test games before purchasing them. Even more interesting, Bartel added that GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards program subscribers will be able to use the service, though the company has not detailed to what extent.

Though GameStop seams to be the Activision of retailers, how do you feel about this announcement? Let us know by commenting below!