GameStop tweets about Nintendo Direct, instantly deletes it

So... It's happening?

nintendo direct switch

As if Nintendo fans weren’t already reaching their hype limits with all the Nintendo related happenings, GameStop has added to it. In a recent tweet, GameStop suggested that there will indeed be a Nintendo Direct and then deleted it.

Update: The Nintendo Direct happened! Here are the announcements.

In their tweet, GameStop detailed that the Nintendo Direct was only 45 minutes away. It’s possible that GameStop tweeted this on accident while attempting to schedule the tweet for another day.

Rumors have suggested that the Nintendo Direct will be taking place on January 11th. The rumor appears to have been supported by Nintendo of Russia. In addition to the rumors of a Direct, both GameStop and Amazon have received mysterious game listings (and a new console listing) for Nintendo products.

This Nintendo Direct has become one heck of an emotional rollercoaster. Hopefully we get an announcement soon!