Gamestop to offer more money for trade-ins, remove temporary promotions

Leaked documents, sent to Kotaku from an anonymous source, show that GameStop will soon implement a plan to up the trade-in value of all games by nearly 20 percent.

The new initiative will launch August 18 and trims off extraneous trade-in promotions in favor of a higher bottom line. Putting trade-in credit toward pre-ordered games or trading during a monthly promotion, for example, will no longer affect the value awarded. However, Power Up Card holders will still receive a 10 percent bonus on traded games.


Diagram outlining the plan (sent to Kotaku)

The change comes on the heels of a study showing over half of GameStop customers are unaware they can trade their games in at the store. To counter this misunderstanding, the company wishes to “simplify the trade-in pricing structure.”

“We anticipate this change to be well-received by our customers as they experience the added value we are now offering them for their pre-owned video game and consumer electronic products,” senior VP Jason Cochran added in a separate statement.

“We want to provide our customers the best value for their trade and we believe customers will be pleased with this new simplified pricing,” he concluded.

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