GameStop Offering $30 Credit Guaranteed for Skyrim Trade-In

If you've finished your 10,000 side quests in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you may be interested in GameStops trade-in promotion.

If you bought the game at GameStop and are subscribed to their newsletter, you probably received an email asking for your game trade-in.

It reads:

"Once you've finished the 10,000 side quests, there's one more treasture of Tamriel waiting for you.  Trade in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by Tuesday, January 10, 2012, and get a guaranteed $30 in-store credit."

I'm not nearly as shoced or offended as some are over this email.  After all, if you know the GameStop business model then you should know the majority of their profits come from selling pre-owned games.M

Here's a simple breakdown to help you understand.  They get the original game from the publisher and sell it to you.  When you're done playing it, you trade it back to them for $30, and in turn they re-sell it to someone else for probably $50-$55.  They don't have to pay anyone, liek the publisher, for the "second" sale so they get all that profit, plus the odds are you are going to purchase another game from them using that $30 credit.  All the money stays in their pockets.

Of course, those familiar with the gaming industry know that this actually is hurting publishers and developers and is one of the leading causes for them adding the hated "online pass" which grants a single-user, the first who purchases the new game, the ability to play online or unlock special items.  If you purchase the game "used", then the publisher gets no cut of that profit, so to ensure some money for your purchase you are practically forced to pay usually an extra $10 to access online.

That's the current situation we're in and probably why you got this email.