Gamestop is giving away a special Lycanroc Midnight Form later this month

Via download code.

GameStop is known for giving away Pokemon codes, as they helped giveaway several hard-to-find legendaries last year in celebration of Pokemon's 20th anniversary. This time, the giveaway is a bit more subdued, but no less rare, as starting on May 15th, trainers can head over to Gamestop to grab a download code for an exclusive Lycanroc Midnight Form.

What makes this Lycanroc different from others is its Hidden Ability, No Guard, which allows every attack in a battle to land for both trainers. This is important because it takes away the all-important Protect move, which can stop any move on a dime. This Lycanroc also comes holding a Life Orb, which enhances attack power at the cost of a little bit of health, so you can expect battles with this Lycanroc to finish quickly one way or the other.

Here's the Lycanroc's moveset:

  1. Stone Edge
  2. Fire Fang
  3. Sucker Punch
  4. Swords Dance

To redeem the download code, head over to the Mystery Gift tab in the main menu and select "Receive Gift via Code." Enter the code, and voila, you'll have a high octane offensive Lycanroc instantly. The giveaway runs from May 15th to June 5th, so you've got a little bit of time to take advantage of it.

Source: [Gamespot]