GameStop Confirming Cancellation of The Last Guardian


When we heard that Team Ico head Fumito Ueda was leaving Sony, we feared for the worst. It seems today that our nightmares have come true, as GameStop has begun calling up pre-order customers with news of The Last Guardian's cancellation. 

The Last Guardian, affectionately known as 'Trico' by fans, was to be the third installment of the team's wildly successful puzzle-action games. Both Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been hailed as atmospheric masterpieces, and the PS3 HD compilation of these two games was a holiday best seller. Sadly, it seems that this next-gen sequel may never see the light of day.

Wait, I seem to remember another story about a studio head leaving for greener pastures, resulting in one of the few games I was excited about getting cancelled…

Sigh, this just isn't my year.