Gamescom 2016: Watch Dogs 2 gets new multiplayer gameplay

Will the game improve on its predecessor?

The original Watch Dogs suffered from the same problem a lot of games today face: announced way too early, and left to marinate in its own juices for far too long. Starting with an impressive display at E3, every subsequent demo had people less and less excited. The game eventually released to great sales numbers, but tepid reception.

People, however, remembered how Ubisoft likes to work sometimes, which is to say release an ambitious, but ultimately lackluster initial release, and then perfect the formula in the follow up title. Assassin’s Creed II is so superior to the original it’s baffling. So there’s a lot of positive buzz around Watch Dogs 2, which this time around has only a handful of months between its announcement and release. And at Gamescom today, Ubisoft revealed some new multiplayer modes.

Gamescom 2016: Watch Dogs 2 gets new multiplayer

Like the campaign, Watch Dogs multiplayer mode showed a lot of promise but lacked solid execution. Ubisoft seems to be determined to right those wrongs with a new “Bounty Hunter” mode, which allows up to three other players to enter your game and claim a bounty placed on your head if you have caused too much chaos. Hacking Invasion will also be returning, where players can enter your game and try to hack you without being detected. And finally, a full-on co-op mode which allows you to explore this digital version of San Francisco as well as take on missions as a team. Gamers won’t have to wait long to play these new modes, as Watch Dogs 2 is releasing November 15th.