gamescom 2014: NHL 15 demo hitting the ice August 26

I haven't watched any hockey since my Rangers — not my Rangers, I don't own the team after all — didn't do so well in the Stanley Cup Finals. First the Broncos… then the Rangers… I hate sports. I'm about ready to get back into hockey, though.

At EA's Gamescom press conference, the publisher announced that a demo of NHL 15 will be available on consoles worldwide August 26. 

But I won't be playing it, because that's when Madden 15 releases.

NHL 15 releases on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on September 9 in North America, September 12 in Europe. 

Dean Richards, general manager of EA Sports NHL, said in June that NHL 15 is "the start of a new ear for the award-winning NHL video game franchise… from the way players look and move on the ice, to the unrivaled electricity of the in-arena experience, to the sights and sounds of an all-new broadcast team, NHL 15 brings the game we love to life in ways that were never possible before."

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