gamescom 2014: Here is your first look at Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break in action

Remedy has been somewhat quiet about their newest title, Quantum Break, but that finally changed today, as an eight minute gameplay trailer was shown off during Microsoft's Gamescom Press Conference.

While the new gameplay trailer doesn't go too in depth as far as story goes, we finally get to see how the main character, Jack Joyce, is able to utilize the time mechanic. And it looks pretty glorious.

Aside from the stunning graphical effects during a time stop, I really like the little touches like stretching out the audio in a cool echo effect, or how the game slows down the action when you're taking down an enemy while time is stopped.

The later part of the video also shows a scene where time stops indefinitely, and Jack has to then navigate through the environment, while also disposing of enemies that have technology which also lets them move through the time stop.

You can check out the gameplay below: