GamesCom 2013: New Titanfall gameplay shown

At GamesCom 2013 in Germany, EA and Respawn Entertainment showed off some new gameplay shooter for their neo-futuristic shooter with mechs, Titanfall. Since E3, I've slowly become more and more impressed with this title. It looks like a prettier CoD with mechs, and that's fine by me. That said, there's something that's just special about Titanfall.

The new gameplay footage took place on the Angel City Harbor map. The visuals are the first thing that stands out — how could they not? The game looks gorgeous. It's a very vertical map, with lots of tall buildings. Luckily, the player has no problem scale walls and buildings, making it possible to get to high ground with little effort. It's cool to watch the player jump off of walls multiple times to get to the rooftops.

From the tops of buildings, we watch as the player uses rocket launchers to take out enemy Titans, and then call in his own Titan. We then watch as the player leaps off of the building and lands into his Titan. F*cking awesome. After some mech action of gunning down enemies in midair, the player exits and takes off on foot, but puts his Titan in follow mode so he can walk around and have the Titan follow him for when he needs it again. 

I still don't get tired of watching the Titan collect bullets, stopping them in mid-air, or watching the Titan rip and enemy out of their Titan with your metal fist, only to throw the enemy 50 yards. 

It was brief gameplay, but it was action-packed. Titanfall looks fast-paced with non-stop action. 

GamesCom attendees can play the new mode, Attrition, this week.

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