Games Distillery Reveals Further Details of “AQUA – Naval Warfare”

Today, the Slovak development studio Games Distillery reveals further details
of its upcoming naval shooter “AQUA – Naval Warfare”. The game will be released
by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox LIVE Arcade in summer this year.

The world of “AQUA – Naval Warfare” is covered largely by oceans. Landmasses
are scarce and usually offer extreme climate conditions like ice worlds,
volcanic landscapes, tall rocky mountains or tropical islands. During the course
of the campaign, the player will have to visit and explore all these different
settings and face the specific challenges they have to offer.

Next to these settings, awe-inspiring battleships are the iron heart of “AQUA
– Naval Warfare”. Powered by ultra pressured steam, these steel giants are
deadly naval weapons with highly specialized tactical features. The player will
take control of an elite combat ship to fulfill his tasks. By unlocking new
ship-types, weapons and upgrades, the player will have the opportunity to
enhance his ship and gear up for the next fight.

A selection of units from the battle fleets of “AQUA – Naval Warfare”:

  • Gothean Vanquisher
    The Vanquisher class battleship is one of the most lethal units of the
    imperial Gothean fleet. Its powerful Steamhammer cannon with its revolutionary
    turbine-reloader mechanism can deal terminal damage within a short amount of
    time. The only weakness of this mighty vessel is its undefended rear section,
    outside of the firing arc of its main weapon.
  • Emperean Ironwall
    The Ironwalls are the pride and backbone of every battle fleet. Not only do
    they bring their all-obliterating, heavy cannon broadsides to the battlefield,
    they are also the only ships large enough to provide the deck-space, luxury
    and kitchen equipment to support the needs and tastes of any respectable
  • Gothean Ironwall
    The Gothean Ironwall is an invincible adversary, provided you take on the
    challenge and face it from its sides. Virtually defenseless at the front and
    rear, slow and hardly more maneuverable than an island, you are however very
    unlikely to meet this ship without the support of large enemy squadrons
    detached to protect it.
  • Gothean Guard Invader
    The Gothean Guard Invader is a heavy cruiser from the Infamous squadron of
    Commodore Vanderbolt. This ship is equipped with a revolutionary Medusa-shield
    device, which can repel enemy projectiles and hurl them back at the unit which
    fired them. Luckily, to be able to fire its own weapons, it needs to drop the
    shield for a short timeframe.
  • Emperean Angelcraft
    The Emperean Glacialis Base “Angelcraft” prototype is the result of a secret
    scientific project utilizing electrical power harnessed directly from the
    storm clouds in the atmosphere. The resulting aircraft is quick, highly
    maneuverable and equipped with a devastating lightning attack that can destroy
    smaller ships with one burst.
  • Gothean Detonator
    The Gothean Detonator is a Chariot-class escort vessel converted to a floating
    bomb. There is hardly anything more to say about it – avoid the trigger at its
    front and you will live…
  • Emperean Cruiser
    The Emperean Cruiser is one of the ships you will command in the game. This
    vessel is a real all-rounder – it combines good speed and manoeuvrability with
    a wide choice of weapons and no serious weaknesses – rapid-firing gatlings,
    volley shotguns and armor-piercing cannons can all be equipped to this ship.
    Torpedoes and mines round up the offensive selection. In the hands of a
    skilled and resolute commander, the cruiser can take up most of the challenges
    the enemy can offer…