GamersGate to Host Worldwide Download Premiere of World War 2: Road to Victory

July 24, 2008

GamersGate to Host Worldwide
Download Premiere of World War 2: Road to

GamersGate today announced that it will host
the worldwide digital download premiere of strategy title World War 2: Road to
Victory, published by IQ Software.

The game is scheduled for release tomorrow (July 25, 2008) and the game is
also available for pre-order on the platform:

Wage World War 2 in Europe from the front lines in France and Russia to the
deserts of North Africa and the airfields and convoys of Britain in World War
II: Road to Victory! This turn-based grand strategy title, puts the player at
the helm of one or more Axis or Allied nations, including minor nations, amidst
a continent torn by full scale war. Combat, production, research and diplomacy
are all fully modeled.

A diplomacy system based on political points allows you to sway possible allies
to your side. Naval combat includes fleet engagements, elusive raiders and
U-Boats as well as a convoy system. Concentrate precious industrial resources on
building, training and upgrading a wide variety of combat units from airborne
soldiers and armored divisions up to nuclear weapons! Historical leaders enhance
the performance of your armies and historical events give you choices that can
change the course of history. World War II: Road to Victory is fought across
turns that vary in length by season and 25 km hexes with divisions and corps,
giving the player a broad strategic picture of the war while still leaving
enough room for operational decisions.

Game Features include:

  • An innovative naval combat model and realistic supply convoy attack

  • A simple yet immersive political point system for diplomatic relations –
    alienate enemies and solidify ties with allies.

  • A healthy variety of combat units to command from armored and airborne
    forces to strategic bombers and battleships – even nukes!

  • Random historical events that can guide and shape the course of the war

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