GamersFirst has Started Closed Beta Signups for Parabellum

May 1, 2009

has Started Closed Beta Signups for Parabellum

To signup for the closed beta you
must register for free at

Parabellum is a Free-to-Play massive
multiplayer online First Person Shooter (MMO-FPS), it combines the best elements
of FPS (First Person Shooter) and MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) games to
create an extremely unique and fully customizable gaming experience. Parabellum
introduces the first interactive non-linear multiplayer campaigns in addition to
an advanced character & weapon development system.

Game Setting

By the year 2018, the privatization
of global military forces created highly profitable opportunities for
ex-soldiers, mercenaries and adventurers. Set in a world in a not too distant
future, you must choose your alignments carefully to survive. You must join
forces with one of the two foremost covert reconnaissance organizations in the
world. The CTF; an organization avowed to keeping anarchy at bay, or the
Syndicate; a legion of bloodthirsty rebels bent on destruction and chaos. Each
of them are solicited by the C.I.N. a Global Mercenary Network that provides
contract missions to each of these factions who vie against one another with the
fate of the World as the ultimate prize.