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Gamers Beware: Namco to Spread Gaming Fever Next Summer with Plague of Darkness

Gamers Beware: Namco to Spread Gaming Fever Next
Summer with Plague of Darkness

Title To Infect Action Adventure Genre on
PlayStation®2 and Xbox®

San Jose, Ca.,
(August 27, 2003)
– Leading video games publisher Namco Hometek Inc.
promises intense, nonstop action in its newest thriller, Plague of
(tentative title), announced today.  Scheduled for
release on the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and the Xbox® video
game system from Microsoft, Plague of Darkness will ship in the summer of
2004.  Developed by Widescreen Games in Lyon, France, Plague of Darkness
will feature Xbox Live functionality, complete with downloadable content,
as well as PlayStation®2 online support with exclusive extras.

Plague of Darkness will raise the bar in the action adventure genre
through its haunting original storyline, close combat elements, stunning
graphics and intense action,” said Jon Kromrey, Producer at Namco Hometek Inc.
“We think gamers will be infected with its immersive and addictive game

In Plague of Darkness, Namco transports players to ravaged Medieval
Europe during the time of the Black Death. Eight brooding environments with 58
sub-locations will put players to the test, each containing new objectives,
enemies and obstacles. A linear storyline with deadly puzzles, fascinating
characters and chilling discoveries allow players to experience unique game play
mechanics and participate in over-the-top fantasy combat. In a time where
advanced weaponry doesn’t yet exist, players have a multitude of basic weapons,
special tools and magic at their disposal. Over five weapons are featured in the
game, including a variety of swords, crossbows, daggers and the ability to cast
magic spells. The game’s outstanding cinematic effects set an additional ambient
tone for Plague of Darkness, immersing players deep into the dark world

The game’s story features a Knight of the Order, Douran, who sets out on a
mission to bring down a terrible demon.  The demon has been haunting the land of
the living by feasting on the black souls of the dead, in order to bring about
its own resurrection. During the course of his adventure, Douran encounters
other characters that may hold answers to the mystery behind the demonic plague,
but can he trust them? In the course of the story, the hero fights the
omnipresent evil demon by using the game’s sacred relic in a quest to spread
peace throughout Europe

About Namco Hometek Inc.
Namco Hometek Inc. is the U.S. consumer division
of Namco Limited, a Tokyo-based world leader in the high-tech entertainment
industry. Based in San Jose, CA, Namco Hometek Inc. is an award-winning video
games publisher for the next generation game consoles.  Namco has created some
of the industry’s greatest video game franchises: Tekken, SOULCALIBUR, Dead
to Rights, Pac Man World, Ridge Racer, Time Crisis
and Ace Combat.
For more information about Namco and its products log onto
About Xbox Live
Xbox Live, which launched in the United
States Nov. 15, 2002, allows gamers to play multiplayer Xbox games with other
gamers everywhere via a broadband connection. With a built-in hard drive and
Ethernet port, the Xbox console is the only video game system built from the
ground up for online gaming, negating the need to buy additional, costly
peripherals or upgrades. Xbox Live enables gamers to easily find their friends;
talk to other players during game play through the Xbox Communicator headset;
download current statistics, new levels and characters to their Xbox hard drive;
and play online—all exclusive features to Xbox Live.


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