Gamer takes Dark Souls to a new difficulty in challenge run

Ok, that's nauseating.

There are people out there who are masochists in some respects and LobosJR is one of those people. He has done countless Dark Souls challenges that would leave most people taking their gaming platform and throwing it against a wall, before beating it with a baseball bat.

If you have played Dark Souls, you know how important stats are in the game, Lobos has run an entire game where his stats were randomized at each bonfire. He ran another run where his weapons swapped out the entire time – why he finds joy in hurting his own psyche is beyond me.

Lobos is on to a new challenge, the upside-down challenge. Lobos has used a mod that has left him playing the entire game upside down, something shouldn't be an issue for someone who has played the game as much as him. It is slightly nauseating, he has gotten lost and the camera does weird things sometimes, but it's pretty entertaining.

Check out Lobos' Twitch account here.