GAMEproducer Arranges Polish Publishing for Long-Awaited Wizardry 8

October 1, 2001


GAMEproducer Arranges Polish Publishing
for Long-Awaited Wizardry 8

GAMEproducer announced today that CD Projekt
has committed to the Polish distribution of the highly anticipated epic fantasy
role-playing game Wizardry 8. The PC title is the sequel to Wizardry 7:
Crusaders of the Dark Savant.

Developed by Sir-tech Canada, Wizardry 8 is a
project that has enjoyed a devoted following as it is reputed to be the hottest
chapter of the series that defined the RPG genre. Sir-tech is also renowned for
producing the award-winning Jagged Edge 2 and its mini sequel Jagged Edge 2:
Unfinished Business. Both feature fusions of tactical combat, strategy, and

Wizardy 8 picks up where Wizardry 7 left off.
At the end of Wizardry 7, the Dark Savant had fled with the Astral Dominae, an
incredibly powerful artifact possessing the secret of life. Two powerful races-
the T’Rang and the Umpani, trail him- as well as a courageous throng of
adventurers. All are off to the birthplace of the stolen relic, a world on the
cusp of the cosmic circle named Dominus, home of the Cosmic Lords. Countless
paths will converge on Dominus, and many clandestine secrets will be unearthed.

"We are glad to have helped CD Projekt secure
this great game.  Wizardry 8 is a perfect fit for them and I am sure will be a
best seller in Poland this holiday season," said Lloyd Melnick, President of
GAMEproducer, who arranged the publishing deal between Sir-tech and CD Projekt.

Marcin Iwinski, President of CD Projekt,
said, "CD Projekt is very happy to be the publisher of Wizardry 8. GAMEproducer
understands the high quality we demand for our products and have created a good

CD Projekt was established seven years ago by
Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski, who were the first to import software on
CD-Rom onto the Polish market. Today, CD Projekt is the leading distributor of
multimedia CD-Rom software and PC games publisher in Poland, and it has received
numerous awards and recommendations from the Polish press. It recently hired
GAMEproducer explore and secure strong titles for the Polish market.

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