Gameplay Becomes the Biggest Online Server in the World!



May 2000

becomes the biggest online server in the world!

Europe’s gateway to games, has picked up a spread of new titles to keep you
occupied this spring and now has the widest selection of online games in the
world, with over 140 top gaming titles.  The following games are now
available to play at


Wars Force Commander
Coming from the dark side of Activision is LucasArts’ Force Commander
featuring a unique points system rewarding competitive players.


Men 2
For other ambitious recruits Army Men 2 from Ubi Soft will satisfy the lust to
splatter your friends in to molten plastic lumps. Army Men 2 features a wicked
multi-play setting in which dead soldiers re-spawn as multi-coloured plastic
zombies – enough to make Dawn Of The Dead look like a walk in the park.


Back to real world, Monopoly will let the budding capitalists get the upper
hand on the rest of us, with Hasbro’s interactive take on the best selling
board game.


Of Wonders
If you prefer something more fantastic then Age Of Wonders, from Take 2
Interactive, is probably for you. Gather an army of heroes and creatures and
venture in to this expansive world combining the best elements of strategy,
adventure and role-playing. Players can battle it out in epic turn based
sieges, dungeon crawls or woodland skirmishes.


Invictus from Interplay places you in the middle of a classic Ray Harryhausen
movie as you lead your heroes in adventures across Ancient Greece. A
combination of RTS and RPG, Invictus lets you lead up to 20 characters into
battle or adventure in search of the many famous artifacts from the ancient


Lastly Raleigh Masters skids across the screens with the top bike sim from


current top ten based on actual online games usage is:

1 . Life
2 Quake 3
3 Unreal Tournament
4 Quake2
5 King Pin
6 Mud 2
7 Rogue Spear
 8 Age Of Empires
9 Unreal
10 Alien v Predator


come get some more…..!!


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to editors:

floated on London’s Alternative Investment Market ("AIM") in August
1999 raising 31 million to establish Europe’s leading computer games portal,
delivering its services via mail-order, the Internet and interactive digital
TV.  The company was formed in March 1999 and currently has over 900,000
registered users.


Wireplay dial up gaming network is the largest in Europe and enables PC users
to meet up and compete in a variety of games using the standard telephone
network or via the Internet.


1 February 2000, gameplay announced the raising of a further 50 million,
primarily to fund expansion in Europe.  In February, gameplay also signed
a major agreement with Computec Media AG ("Computec"), Germany’s
largest computer games magazine publisher.  Gameplay announced interim
results on 8 March 2000, with turnover up 31% to 5.83 million and the use of
Wireplay up 160% on the same period last year.


March 2000, gameplay announced its strategic repositioning as Europe’s gateway
to games. Subsequently, on 3 April, gameplay signed an agreement to acquire
Nordic Games Holdings AB ("Nordic Games"), Scandinavia’s leading
computer games mail order retailer, for consideration of up to 5.96m. The
acquisition of this business gives gameplay a strong presence in Sweden,
Finland and Norway, as well as a platform for expansion into Denmark. Gameplay
has now become the largest mail order games company in Europe.


can be found at

corporate website can be found at