GameMill Announces Hidden Mysteries Titanic for Wii, DS, PC, and MAC

October 26, 2009

GameMill Announces Hidden Mysteries Titanic for Wii,
DS, PC, and MAC

Explore the most famous ship in the world!

GameMill Entertainment today announced Hidden Mysteries™ Titanic.  Set to
release October 27th for Wii™, Nintendo DS™, and PC, and MAC.  This adventure is
seen through the eyes of a young woman (Margaret) determined to save her family
and friends. 

Embark on the infamous Titanic on your journey to America.  Along the way
you will meet irrational crew members, unruly passengers, and children. 
While aboard the Titanic, you will solve mysteries from the 1st class cabins to
the boiler rooms below deck.  The game contains multiple endings that are
determined based upon choices you make throughout the game.    

While aboard the ship you will feel the ship deck
creek as you search for hidden objects, decode secret puzzles and solve the
greatest sea mystery ever!  Hidden Mysteries: Titanic re-creates the ship,
passengers, and crew with stunning accuracy.  For many of the puzzles you
will need to gather information and objects from other passengers or locations
aboard the ship, including the Captain, the Grand Staircase, and even the

"A casual yet challenging adventure game aboard
the Titanic" said Gary Miller, GameMill Entertainment. "The Titanic is reborn
with magnificent art, sound, and characters throughout the adventure."   

Whether using the Wii Remote, Stylus, or Mouse,
the simple controls make this a relaxed game for all ages.