GAMEINVEST and Big Fish Games Release Defenders of Law Online

July 28, 2009

and Big Fish Games Release Defenders of Law Online

Join in the Courtroom Drama on
Your PC or Mac This Summer

GAMEINVEST, Portugal’s leading video
games developer, and Big Fish Games, the world’s leading online destination for
games and interactive entertainment, announced the launch of Defenders of Law –
The Rosendale File for the PC and Mac. The release of Defenders of Law launches
the beginning of a three-game deal in which Big Fish Games has acquired the
Defenders of Law IP and will publish the first edition online and in retail
stores as well as two upcoming sequels through 2010. The first edition of
Defenders of Law for PC download is now available at

“Defenders of Law is a truly
immersive game that lets players take the role of an investigative lawyer,” said
Melissa DiGioia, Senior Producer at Big Fish Games. “The game’s unique method of
storytelling coupled with its innovative detective gameplay allows players to
experience a truly interactive murder mystery.”
“Big Fish Games has built a site full of strong titles, and to have Defenders of
Law included in their lineup ensures that the game will reach a wide audience,”
said Mariana Cardoso, General Manager of GAMEINVEST.

In Defenders of Law, players step
into the shoes of one of five possible lawyers in order to investigate a murder
mystery in the town of Willburg. The lawyers are assigned to defend a suspect in
the murder of Miss Rosendale; and they have 15 days to gather enough evidence to
strengthen their clients’ defense. Players must test their strategy skills by
exploring the town to collect evidence. Clues can come from several helpful
witnesses, as well as from fingerprints, footprints, and blood samples. Physical
evidence can be extracted from the crime scene with the hidden object game
mechanic, and analyzed in the lab. After the evidence is processed in the lab,
the player will go to the courtroom for a decisive showdown against the district
attorney. In the end, it will be revealed whether the defendant is guilty or

Using a mouse, players navigate
their way through 28 detail-rich scenarios with multiple crime scenes, numerous
murder weapons and several different murder suspects that guarantee a different
outcome and experience each time the game is played. With five characters to
choose from and many hours of ingenious gameplay, players of all ages will be
drawn to the mystery of Defenders of Law.

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of Law, please visit