GameGadget Aims to Change the Game

When it comes to handhelds, you either have Nintendo and Sony going up against each other in a handheld war, or you have Apple or other Android devices that try to cash in impulse buying cheap apps, that rely on nothing but touch controls.

GameGadget, a UK based company announced just today that they will be releasing a handheld by the end of 2011, that will allow gamers, game devs and game publishers "unrivaled choice and flexibility in how they play, create and sell games."

From the looks of it, the game system (Also being called GameGadget) looks a lot like Nintendo's GameBoy Micro, and also looks to have some sort of SD card support. The site lists the device at £99.99, which is around $156. That price isn't that bad for a portable gaming device.

Jason Cooper, the creator of the GameGadget said:
GameGadget has been designed with the ultimate goal of playing every game on a single device, just as the “iPod” was for music. Hundreds of thousands of games are currently “archived” and no longer being enjoyed by Gamers, with no value being generated for the Developers and Publishers. The launch of GameGadget creates a market for gamers to play the games they want to play. The GameGadgetGames service, just like “Apple’s App Store”, allows the owners of these games, to re-market their back catalogue, in their original format, set the appropriate pricing and gain incremental revenue, BUT with no additional investment”.

When he says "every game" I doubt he means that any game previously found on mobile devices will make its way onto the GameGadget, but it's nice to see that they're giving devs the freedom to design games for it as they see fit.

Will this be the "iPod of Gaming" or will something like this have a hard time catching on in a market that's practically dominated by three giant companies, Nintendo, Sony and Apple. I think it all comes down to price of the software. The reason Apple is so succesful with their App sales is because most of them can be bought for just a penny shy of a dollar. I think devs will need to take this into account if they want a lot of impulse buyers for this new system.