Gamefly discounts Prey, For Honor, Halo Wars 2, others to $20 in Blowout Used Game Sale

Nice prices on display. Plus you get new cases and all download codes with the game.

A little-known secret in gaming circles is that one of the best places to score used games for a good deal is Gamefly. Not only do they come with a steep discount, but Gamefly will throw in a new case and whatever download codes for DLC that came with it at launch at no extra charge. Past and present subscribers were treated to an email earlier this afternoon regarding an "Under $20 Blowout Sale," which the site does with some regularity. 

Several notable games released this year that are seeing the best prices I've yet to encounter anywhere. So long as you are OK with a used disc, this is the best time and place to grab these games.

Here's a breakdown of a few of the highlights:

For a full listing of the used games on sale, you can head over to