GameCube Inspired the 3DS Price Cut

I don’t think anyone was expecting a 3DS price drop so soon. But now that’s it here, some folks are happy, while others think it’s a desperate attempt by the Big N to try and sell its new handheld. According to the company, however, the 3DS price cut is just a smart business decision.

Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata discussed the $80 price reduction at an investor’s meeting in Tokyo. As it turns out, Nintendo decided to lower the price on the system due to lessons learned from the GameCube’s time on the market. According to Iwata, there were several missed opportunities for the GameCube to sell and flourish, and Nintendo doesn’t want the same thing to happen with the 3DS.

Apparently, it seems that Iwata feels the GameCube could have had a couple of price reductions during its time on the market. Had Nintendo capitalized with some early price drops, Iwata feels that the platform would have fared much more successfully from a commercial standpoint. Additionally, with the success of the Wii and DS, there’s more room for risky moves such as lowering the price of the 3DS.

It’s good to know that Nintendo is attempting something different to sell the 3DS. And Iwata is absolutely right: the company does have plenty of dough thanks to the Wii and DS so that they can put their faith in a move as risky as lowering the price of their newest handheld less than six months after its launch. Now, let’s get some kick-ass software on the damn thing, Nintendo!