Gamebryo Powers New Graphic Features in Empire EarthII

Gamebryo® Powers New Graphic Features in
Empire Earth®II

Mad Doc® Software Uses Vivendi Universal
Games’ Gamebryo Multi-Title Publishers License

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., (April 26, 2005)Empire Earth®II,
developed by Mad Doc® Software and published by Vivendi Universal Games, is
the latest title built on NDL’s Gamebryo 3D graphics engine.   Empire
Earth II
showcases Gamebryo’s ability to create unique and compelling
interactive content for a real-time PC strategy game. Mad Doc Software is the
first of several developers to use Gamebryo under Vivendi Universal Games’
multi-platform license with NDL.

Gamebryo is a real-time 3D graphics engine and tools used in the creation of
computer and video games for the PC, Xbox™, PlayStation®2, GameCube®, and the
next generation Xbox platform. The technology is widely used in top-selling
computer and video games with developers giving NDL high praise for enabling
them to more easily create, modify and enhance content from prototype to gold
master.  Publishers have turned to Gamebryo to help their development teams
deliver hit titles on time and within budget.

"Gamebryo allows us to dedicate our energy  to what we do best – developing
the RTS engine so that we can create the absolute best RTS experience
possible," notes Ian Davis, Ph.D., chief executive officer of Mad Doc
Software. "In addition, Gamebryo helps reduce our overall costs, as well as
the risks associated with high-end game development."

Mad Doc Software leveraged Gamebryo’s flexible framework to strengthen the
successful Empire Earth franchise. By using Gamebryo, Mad Doc
Software enhanced Empire Earth II‘s content and gameplay with new
features such as unique weather conditions, seasons, smoke effects, and water
reflections.  These features provide Empire Earth II players with a
unique game experience as they are forced to adapt their play and strategy to
varying weather environments like snow and fog.

Empire Earth II will ship to retail stores in the United States on
April 26th, 2005. More information about the game can be found at

About NDL
NDL, headquartered in Chapel Hill, N.C., is an independent developer of highly
flexible 3D graphics software used by leading game publishers and developers
such as Atari, Vivendi Universal Games, JoWooD Productions, Firaxis, Mythic
Entertainment, Bethesda Softworks, and Irrational Games. The company’s
flagship product, the Gamebryo graphics engine and toolkit, is the culmination
of two decades of 3D graphics expertise.   Developers using NDL’s Gamebryo can
spend their time making Windows, Xbox™, PlayStation®2, GameCube® and next
generation Xbox platform games look great and play well, saving time and money
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About Mad Doc® Software
Headquartered in Lawrence, Massachusetts, Mad Doc® Software, LLC (Mad Doc)
consists of game industry veterans with experience in every aspect of game
development and an unmatched expertise in Artificial Intelligence. An emerging
force in the industry, Mad Doc® was founded in 1999 with the goal of
developing AAA titles that expand the game playing experience and broaden the
market..Collectively, Mad Doc® team members are responsible for over eight
million units in the game market worldwide, earning the acclaim of players,
critics, and publishers alike. Mad Doc®’s development credits include
Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest™, Star Trek®: Armada™, Star Trek®: Armada
II™, Jane’s® Attack Squadron, Dungeon Siege®: Legends of Aranna™
Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences 2003 Computer Role Playing Game of
the Year finalist), and the highly anticipated Empire Earth® II. Empire
Earth® II
uses the Mad3D (TM) Game Engine and MadAI (TM) Technology.
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trademarks of Mad Doc Software, LLC. All rights reserved. For more information
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